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Is My Coffee Fresh?

Is My Coffee Fresh?

16th Feb 2023

Have you ever gotten a bag of coffee and wonder if it is fresh or not? Here are some tips to help you recognize fresh versus stale coffee.

  • 1.Roast date

All fresh coffee will have a roast date on it. If there is not a roast date on the bag, then you are likely drinking old coffee roasted months ago. If it does have a roast date and it is in the past 2 weeks, then you are good to go! If it’s been over 2 weeks, its going bad, finish it as soon as possible.

  • 2.Ground or Whole Bean

I know not everyone owns or even wants to invest in a grinder at home, but if you do have the money to invest in one, I highly suggest it. Whole beans take longer to go stale than coffee that has been ground. The best time to grind your coffee is right before you brew it.