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Roasted in Hardin, TX

About Us


 Welcome to Texas Tea Coffee Roasters! If you're on this page I'm assuming you're new to the family so let me tell you a little bit about us. My husband and I moved to Texas back in 2020 right after our son was born. We settled in Hardin in late 2021 and love it. We attend a church that we couldn't do without, and we have 2 beautiful kids. In our house God comes first, then everything else. My husband works at a local refinery, and I stay at home with our two beautiful, energetic kids (the reason we started roasting, CAFFIENE, so we can keep up!) kidding. Our hobbies, other than roasting coffee, are remodeling houses and hiking (yes, we stay very busy).

 We often get asked why we named our store, Texas Tea Coffee Roasters if we don't sell tea. Well, down here "Texas tea" refers to oil and since my husband works in the oil industry, and a cup of oil looks similar to a cup of coffee, we found that name to be quite fitting. We started roasting our own coffee beans in 2019 and ever since we cannot drink a cup of coffee that was roasted more than two weeks ago without a slight cringe. It's funny how your palate adapts to the finer things in life. We are a small batch, roast-to-order roastery, so your beans will always be fresh when delivered to your door. Our method of roasting is a fluid bed roaster, it uses heated air to loft the beans in a funnel shaped chamber while continuously mixing them. This helps prevent burnt flavors and provides even roasting, we have found this method of roasting to deliver the best flavor. Some of our favorites are Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Bolivia. We will do everything we can to assist you with a special request so please reach out to us with any questions. If you need a Christmas or birthday gift, what is better than fresh coffee?! Also check out our merchandise page and represent your favorite local rosters. Thank you for your support, we hope you have a blessed day!