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Roasted in Hardin, TX

High Caffeine Coffee

High Caffeine Coffee

26th Jan 2023

Most of the popular coffees come from a species of coffee tree called Arabica. This is a popular species due to its wide and sometimes complex flavor profile. The majority of our coffee is Arabica.

There is one other species that is grown in large quantities, it is called Robusta. The Robusta species is popular because it can grow at lower altitudes and tolerate higher temperatures. The only catch is that it does not have the best flavor that coffee beans can offer. It is much more earthy and wild than Arabica. If you only drink coffee for the caffeine and do not care about the flavor (or maybe you like "coffee with your cream"), then try our Vietnam Robusta. This coffee boasts a whopping 265m of caffeine per 8oz cup! That’s over 2.5 times the amount of caffeine that a typical 8oz Arabica cup produces! On the other hand, if you do enjoy the flavor of your coffee (as most of us do) and you still want the benefit of extra caffeine, you can always mix some Robusta into your favorite roast. Start at around a 50/50 ratio and adjust from there. 


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