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Cleaning A Chemex

8th Nov 2022

Cleaning a Chemex Soap and waterVinegar and waterBaking soda and 2 pumps of dawnUsing a Chemex is a work of art. If made right, it can produce a cup of coffee full of deep flavor. The carafe is a be … read more
What is black coffee?

What is black coffee?

4th Nov 2022

   Drinking your coffee “black”, or without anything added including milk or sugar, may take some getting used to especially if you have been drinking your coffee a certain way for a while … read more
Top 5 Coffee Producing Countries

Top 5 Coffee Producing Countries

2nd Nov 2022

  As legend tells, coffee beans were originally found by goats. An Ethiopian goatherder named Kaldi was tending to his goats and noticed them eating a red berry. After eating this berry, th … read more