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Why You Should Weigh Your Coffee

Why You Should Weigh Your Coffee

17th Jan 2023

Weighing your coffee is not something that most people do before brewing their cup(s) of coffee for the day, but here is why you should consider it.

If you have a set ratio of coffee grounds to water for each of your methods of brewing, then it takes all the guess work out of making your cup of coffee every time. For example, I’m currently in a French Press phase right now, and the ratio that works for me is 1 part coffee to 14 parts water. Therefore, I grind 43 grams of coffee beans and dilute it with 600 grams of water. It makes a perfect brew every time.

Any kitchen scale will work if it can be read in grams (this is a more accurate measurement). The scale should be accurate at least down to 1 gram.

Ratio suggestions of water to coffee for the following brews:

Pour over 1:16 (Chemex, V60)

French Press 1:14

Drip (standard coffee pot) 9 grams of coffee for each cup of water (unless you are brewing 10 cups of more in which case, I suggest 6 grams of coffee for each cup of water)

*the “cup” markings on the side of the standard coffee pot is equal to 6oz of water, not 8oz-for this ratio we are measuring a cup by the coffee pot markings*


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