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Roasted in Hardin, TX

Stoneware Mug

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Introducing our new stoneware mugs! These are handmade in Neena, Wisconsin and they fit the hand more comfortably than any mug we have held before! We are very careful when selecting the producers of our merchandise, as we want everything that has our name on it to have the upmost quality! While our other mugs certainly meet that standard, we have been wanting to get some American made mugs on the offering list as well. These do an excellent job of holding in the heat, especially if pre-warmed, they are also dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven safe (just don’t use these over the campfire or stovetop like you can with our Enamel mugs). They comfortably hold 12 fluid ounces, and if you want to push the limits and fill it to the brim, it will hold right at 14 fluid ounces. If you need more than that to get your day jump started, we gladly refer you over to our Texas sized 33 ounce large enamel mug. *Note- The Texas Tea Coffee Roasters Logo is only on one side of the mug, see options below*